Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I won Java Posse Applet of the week

I'm so proud! It seemed to amuse and bemuse the Posse in equal measure! See: Java Posse #067 - Newscast for July 11th 2006. The applet in question can be found in Embedding Databases, Web Servers, App Servers in the Browser, this was inspired by Francois Orsini's embedded Java DB in an applet but instead of a database I embedded the Jetty web application server.

From the podcast @ 20minutes 58seconds. Transcribed by me - (apologies if I didn't identify the speaker correctly, emphasis is mine):

Dick: Next up, Applet of the week this week.

Dick: This one is really off the wall. And I saw it and I knew it had to be an "Applet of the week". It has no graphical presence whatsoever. You fire this thing up and basically a bit of text comes up to say its running. But it's a full Jetty app server embedded in an applet. So you run this thing, you grant it permission and then basically you can hit localhost:9000 on your machine and there is Jetty running with a full app server that is ready to deploy war files to and stuff like that. I just thought it was a really, really, neat thing to do in an applet!

Joe: Wait a minute, from an applet? What a strange thing to do!

Tor: If they obscure the page then the applet could stop right? So you have to have this browser page visible or the server stops responding?

Dick: I think that would be true, yeah.

Carl: Yeah, this really should be a web start.

Joe: That is very weird.

Dick: I kind of thought it was just neat that somebody thought of doing it. It is one of those really off the wall things and I was like this is kind of weirdly cool, so I thought that's definitely worth an applet of the week. Just if nothing else because somebody is really thinking outside of the box on that one.

Tor: Yeah, if you want applet of the week then just go to your favourite app, go to your main class and add extends applet and you're in business.

Carl: Yeah, perfect.

Dick: There you go.

Joe: That's hilarious.

Carl: I don't know if that always works Tor.

Tor: Yeah, you have to implement like four methods. Write start and stop.

Carl: Get the windows hosted right....

Thanks guys!


Mark McLaren said...

Congratulations. All I can say is the more the java posse becomes popular, the more gravitas and esteem your "applet of the week" title will become.
Note: Comment imported. Original by Dan Hinojosa website: http://www.evolutionnext.com at 2006-07-11 23:27

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