Friday, May 26, 2006

I feel duped by the Visual Systems Journal

A little while ago I followed a Google Ads link and signed up for a free subscription to Visual Systems Journal (a UK based publication). The reason I did this was because the text of the Google Ad proudly proclaimed something along the lines of "Now with HANDS-ON JAVA section". Cool, I thought, a free UK magazine with some Java coverage.

I’ve now received a couple of issues and I can't help feeling a little duped. In the HANDS-ON JAVA section over the last few issues I've seen articles on Python,Ruby on Rails and an article from Bruce Tate entitled "Pushing for pensioning Java" which seemed to be calling for the demise of Java. Don't get me wrong there is some really good stuff about Java on the VSJ website and the Bruce Tate article made some very good points (it was just there was little in the way of counterargument in the magazine).

Call me an old cynic if you like; I think the reason that the Hands-On Java section in the printed VSJ magazine gives such a negative view of Java is because all their advertisers are promoting Microsoft related technologies! I should probably stick to buying JDJ from Borders at highly inflated prices.


Mark McLaren said...

I think the price of JDJ in Borders is the same as the international subscription. That said, it is a lot more expensive than US domestic subscription rates. You can get the PDF version for free, but it is nicer to read a paper copy.
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Mark McLaren said...

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