Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bookmarks Portlet version 0.2 released

I have just released a new version of my bookmarks portlet application.

More details here

Downloads here

Functional Features

  • Add, Edit, Delete bookmarks and folders
  • Simple bookmarks management (moving of bookmarks and folders)
  • Import, Append and Export of the standard bookmarks format (de facto Netscape DTD standard which is used by all leading browsers)
  • Alphabetical bookmarks sort

Technical Details

  • 100% scriptlet free
  • JSR168 compatible portlet
  • Runs as a portlet and as a standalone web application simultaneously (achieved with Struts Bridge)
  • Written in an accessible spirit using unobtrusive DHTML rendering
  • XBEL is used throughout internally to store and manipulate bookmarks
  • XBEL object representation built with Castor used to manipulate bookmarks
  • XSL transformations used in rendering and sorting bookmark trees
  • Tidy utility used to XMLize and clean up bookmark imports
  • MVC architecture implemented with Apache Struts and JSTL
  • Database and resource access enabled with the Spring Framework
  • Includes an example embedded database, simple authentication and optionally a simple portal