Tuesday, November 22, 2005

XSLT Quickly book plug and did I mention you should buy Manning books?

I had a comment left on my blog from Bob DuCharme who is the author of the XSLT Quickly from Manning (I am most honoured Bob). Bob has created a master table of contents for all of his XML.com columns about XSLT. These articles include introductions to basic XSLT concepts, hints to approaching typical XSLT problems and tours of XSLT 2.0 features. Many of these articles also feature in his book XSLT Quickly.

Bob DuCharme's "Transforming XML" Columns (master Table of Contents)

You can also obtain Chapter 1 and Chapter 5 sample chapters from XSLT Quickly on the Manning site. Chapter 1 is a brief tutorial introduction to XSLT. Chapter 5 concerns programming using XSLT including coverage of control statements, XSLT extensions, maths, variables and string handling.

At the risk of becoming SPAM! Regular readers (as if I have regular readers!) will have noticed that I have recently succumbed to the commercial dark side by putting Manning banners on my site. I have joined the Manning affiliate programme, this means if you click on one of my banners and actually buy a book I will eventually get some free Manning books. This would be excellent as in the UK we have some kind of 1 pound = 1 dollar exchange thing going on (no wonder we are often called Treasure Island)! Somebody told me that "Borders" is a bargain book shop in the US (not so here), anyhow... Manning books are cool, they are well written by clued up, well respected authors (like Bob) and contain many useful examples (electronic PDF versions are often available). I would have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending Manning books. Many of these books have become the bibles for their particular technologies e.g. JSTL in Action, Struts in Action, Struts Recipes, Spring in Action. For example I couldn't imagine my developer life without Appendix A: JSTL Reference from Shawn Bayern's JSTL in Action (available for free on the Manning site).

...and the award for most affiliate programme links to Manning in a blog entry goes to...


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