Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Java related Search Plugins for Mozilla browsers

Here's some of my favourite Java programming related Search Plugins for Mozilla based browsers.

Codehound Java
Codehound JavaScript
Java Sun
Koders (All)
Koders (Java)
Koders (JavaScript)
Java Developers Almanac
Java Doc
Maven Repo Search

Search plugins are great, they are like bookmarking search engines and having immediate access to their search form. Mostly these are from MozDev's MyCroft but one or two aren't. My only criticism of the MyCroft site is that it isn't very easy to browse the categories but if you employ some Zen thinking you can always use the MyCroft search plugin to search for other plugins. There are nearly 4000 plugins to add to your search bar so you're bound to find something useful in there.

Wikipedia (EN)
Mycroft Advanced Search