Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Unobtrusive AJAX JavaScript with Behaviour JS Toolkit

I just found the Behaviour CSS/JavaScript toolkit, very cool, I can now create drag and drop DHTML interfaces with HTML that will pass accessibility tests! Technically this isn't AJAX but it is very clever and no more a misuse of the term than any of the other's I've seen recently. AJAX seems to have been adopted by any technology doing some kind of clever DHTML lately. True AJAX is about loading and processing XML on the client side. GMail, Google Suggest and Google Maps are excellent examples where lots of clever DHTML thinking is occurring in one place and this phenomenon has been labeled AJAX (even when technically the actual AJAX part is only one component in a suite of cleverness, as it is in Google Maps).

Some other interesting "AJAX" resources are linked from the Behaviour project page:

And here are a couple of real world portals embracing AJAX style:

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Mark McLaren said...

RICO is amazing for intense DHTML/AJAX applications. Another one I have just started using AJFORM. Its great for quick, drop in solutions.
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Mark McLaren said...

I have looked over many AJAX toolkits and found them a little bit too specialized: what if you just want to use the data transmission interface in an easy way and develop your own application protocol on top of it? I have tried to design a SMALL toolkit, you just need to link the JS lib, create a request as a string and send it over the interface like

majax_post (url, request);

that was it! the response is written into a global variable then; this event is catched by a special callback manager, so all what your need is to write your own app and register it for the callback.

more at: , then the page about AJAX/MAJAX (MAJAX stands for Minimalistic AJAX).
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Mark McLaren said...
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