Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Learning XSLT resources

When I began learning XSLT I found the following resources very helpful:

  • I am almost ashamed to admit it now but my first port of call was the W3Schools tutorials. It has to be said it is a very good beginner resource but be wary as the XSL taught there can be Microsoft XSL processor specific rather than the strict reference standard W3C version (at least it was when I was learning it in 2000).
  • calls itself "The Guide to the XML Galaxy" and it sure is. Particularly helpful for the beginner is Zvon's XSLT Reference with many useful examples of how the various parts of XSLT work.
  • Once you're actually trying to do something with XSL then Dave Pawson's XSLT Questions and Answers comes in very handy. It contains lots of real world XSL solutions for the common and not so common problems you are likely to face writing XSL for real world applications.
  • As I predominately still use MS Windows I found that the editor XML Cooktop was a good XML/XSL dedicated IDE base from which to develop my XSLT. It has the added benefit that you can plug in most XSLT engines so you can equally well produce XSL for systems aimed at using the Microsoft XSL engine, Sablotron or Xalan.
  • And finally of course, O'Reilly's excellent is another superb resource packed with useful tutorials ranging from beginner to advanced levels.
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Mark McLaren said...

I see an ad on this page that says "buy from Manning," so people interested in doing so and learning XSLT should see my book "XSLT Quickly." I recently put together a master table of contents for all of my columns on XSLT at, and many are excerpts from the book.

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